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Pilots & Aircraft Owners
Proud Craftsmen
We got our start in 2006. Love for general aviation and the adventure it represented resulted in a focus on single engine and light twins - the kind of planes "regular" pilots own and operate. We are fellow pilots and aircraft owners that share the thrill of aviation with you.
We take pride in what we do and know that a craftsman's work speaks for itself. We're committed to doing it right, being honest and treating our fellow pilots just like we'd want to be treated. 
Jake H.
Glenn C.
Pablo G.
"..Please put some cards or anything else you would like me to hand out to people I meet for their maintenance inside of N7060E. You are by far the best mechanic I've had work on an airplane I've owned. You are the first person to really listen and follow through in an organized way with what you do. Thanks again."
"I recently purchased a 1970 Piper Cherokee 140/160. I have been nervously searching for a good mechanic for my plane. I posted on Facebook and had 4 recommendations, 3 of them was Copa. I flew out and met with Charles and was impressed with his knowledge. I had a AD that was due and he quickly addressed it and explained everything to me. I'm so happy to have found this company."
"I want to thank Mr. [ ] Stence for offering his help at the airport and generously lending us his working truck to go get something to eat at the Seminole Inn. Very Nice people!!!"
Paul P.
Lamberto R.
Bob A.
"...GA needs more skilled and honest small shops like yours." 
"CopaAir Maintenence Services is a professional and friendly facility that I found to be of great value to me and my aircraft...they found items that were completely ignored in the extensive overhaul and the two following annuals... They also addressed many items that were performed by previous shops haphazardly and noted them in a full detailed report I received once the initial inspection was complete. I now feel better about owning and flying my aircraft, knowing I have them to care for it...Thank you guys!"
"...the fact that you [are willing to] fly [the airplane] after you work on it...says a lot about your work ethic."
Mike N.
Tony S.
Sean M.
"You guys are great!"
"...I really like your inspection report. It's very professional..."

"Great team of Mechanics! Always fixed my issues the first time at a reasonable cost..."
We Love Planes!
We do our best to provide you the best options for keeping your aircraft flying. Creative repair solutions to reduce cost, serviceable parts and legal parts fabrication are just some of the ways we'll fight to keep flying affordable. 
Keeping airplane ownership affordable and safe is what we do!