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N205XL, Velocity XLRG-5 

Specification Sheet (Tentative)

Flight ClassHomebuilt Experimental, Part 91 - VFR Day & Night, IFR  
Engine:Certified 300HP Lycoming IO-540-K1B5, 600Hrs TSN  
Prop:MT 3-bladed Composite Prop, MTV-9 New   
 Gross Weight2900 Lbs   
 Useful Load1100 Lbs    
Max Fuel  70 gals   
Cruise Speed at 75% power205kts (235mph)  
In September 2011 we took delivery of a pre-owned Velocity kit. 
At Oshkosh 2011 we stumbled upon a Velocity kit that was for sale. The kit included all the fastbuild options, the "Dash 5" upgrade, a 600Hr TSN 300HP engine (certified) and the engine installation
kit that is necessary for it. While it had a few rough edges, the price made it a worth while investment. The kit was purchased and we received it in September 2011. The kit had very little done on it and we began to continue the build in October. Thankfully, we are only a 30 minute flight from the factory in Sebastien Florida, so tech questions and picking up parts is a no-brainer..


Stay Tuned................