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CopaAir Maintenance Services, Inc.

"Details Make The Difference"

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CMS Annual Inspections: What we can do for you!
Save money; Get better service
After calling many local shops in the area (Ft. Pierce, F-45, Lantana, Stuart, etc.) we found that not only was our shop rate among the lowest, but our annual servicing was better than most. Why? We provide CorrosionX servicing at no labor charge to you, if done during the Annual. This servicing is critical in preventing corrosion & corrosion damage that would normally increase your maintenance costs considerably.
Be in control; Avoid surprises
We put you in charge when it comes to discrepancies. After our inspection is completed, we provide a list of discrepancies, both mandatory and recommended (optional), along with labor and parts estimates for your consideration.
Pay the price advertised for services. Period.

All servicing normally included in a yearly inspection, as well as CorrosionX treatment and oil & filter change are included in our flat-rate prices - parts & materials not included. Below is a sample of what servicing you can expect to receive.


• Oil change
 Oil filter cut and inspected to detect abnormal internal engine wear.
• Fuel System cleaning & inspection (pull screens, drain carburetor, lubricate controls etc.,)
• Lines & Hoses inspected for brittle condition or heat-hardening.
• Cylinder compression test
• Spark plug cleaning, gapping and pressurized spark testing.
• Magneto timing inspection
• Ignition harnesses inspected.
•  Exhaust system pressure leak tested.
• Propeller inspection, lubrication & nick repair

 CorrosionX airframe treatment
• Control surfaces, hinges, pulleys, cables, surface throws & rigging checked.

• Airframe battery load-tested.

• Emergency Locator Transmitter tested per FAR 91.207.
• Landing gear inspection & lubrication
• Gear retraction test & inspection (as equipped, see pricing)
• Wheel bearings cleaned & greased
• Tire pressure check
• Brake reservoir servicing
• Cockpit controls checked for proper travel (stop to stop), security and lubrication.
• Structural integrity inspection.


• Up-to-date Airworthiness Directive Compliance check for Airframe, Engine, Propeller and Appliances.
• Detailed Inspection Report with airframe and powerplant hours, as well as critical component times and inspections.
• Discrepancy report with repair estimates included in inspection report