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CopaAir Maintenance Services, Inc.

"Details Make The Difference"

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  Why Choose CMS?


Diligent, detailed workmanship.


Affordable and up-front pricing.


Wide service experience - Light Sports to Light Twins!

Up-to-date with the latest in aircraft and engine technology, including the new Continental FADEC diesel and Cirrus aircraft.


We do it all - fabric, sheet metal, composite and more!


Complimentary anti-corrosion treatment during inspections.


Personal attention to you and your aircraft.


No ride arrangements needed - We'll fly you back!





Details Make The Difference...  


We're pilots and aircraft owners too.  We get it. Flying a reliable aircraft without mortgaging the first-born is a primary desire at the heart of every aircraft owner.


One stop does it all. Our shop has restored vintage aircraft, overhauled small Continentals, installed & wired radios and so much more! Chances are, if you need it done we can help.


Doctors don't make house calls anymore. We do. Schedule permitting, we'll gladly fly-in, drive-

in or otherwise to your location to get you back in the air. 


Owner-assisted annuals? Yep! Learn more about your aircraft and become a safer pilot!


PROTECT your aircraft. CorrosionX treatment is completely FREE during an annual inspection.


No guesswork required. Our flat-rate Annual inspection prices are economical and include what 

you'd expect...and more!



Get more "bang" for your buck. Our inspection prices include normal servicing, a thoroughly detailed inspection, PLUS CorrosionX treatment, as applicable. Parts & materials not included.

Avoid Suprises. After an Annual inspection, we provide you with a list of discrepancies up front (along with price estimates) and let 

YOU choose what you want done.





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