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CopaAir Maintenance Services, Inc.

"Details Make The Difference"

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Customer Testimonials 
Lamberto Roscioli; N10649 - 1973 Cessna 150L

"CopaAir Maintenence Services is a professional and friendly facility that I found to be of great value to me and my aircraft. In the last two years my Cessna 150 had gone through extensive repair work and upgrades of $28,000. I took my airplane to CopaAir and they found items that were completely ignored in the extensive overhaul and the two following annuals which, although took a few minutes to address, prevented further costly repairs. As a simple example, they cleaned the pin holes that allow water to drain from the fuselage. Dirt, grime and water was sitting in the rear fuselage and had collected for years and gone unnoticed. they got "down and dirty" and addressed the issue as part of the annual. They also addressed many items that were performed by previous shops haphazardly and noted them in a full detailed report I received once the initial inspection was complete. I now feel better about owning and flying my aircraft, knowing I have them to care for it...Thank you guys!

Bob Alfonso, FPL Inspector; N718G - 1959 Mooney M20A

"...the fact that you fly [the airplane] after you work on it...says a lot about your work ethic."




Paul Proffett, Airline Captain; N2755W - 1966 Mooney M20E

"...I wish you the best of luck with your aviation business. I know you will never get rich doing General Aviation repair but you seem to enjoy it and that's what counts. GA needs more skilled and honest small shops like yours." 

Mike Nelligan, Airline Captain; N55568 - 1941 Boeing Stearman

"You guys are great!"
Tony Shabotyaskyj, CEO of; N6857U - 1963 Mooney M20C

"...I really like your inspection report. It's very professional..."
Jake Hicks, CEO of 27 North Inc.; N7060E - 1960 Cessna 175A

"..Please put some cards or anything else you would like me to hand out to people I meet for their maintenance inside of N7060E. You are by far the best mechanic I've had work on an airplane I've owned. You are the first person to really listen and follow through in an organized way with what you do. Thanks again."

Rob Murphy, CFI, Retired Business Owner; N88363 - 1946 Aeronca Champ

"...I have been dealing with Charles and Abigail of CopaAir since the purchase of my first aircraft four years ago. I found CopaAir, as a referral, from a local fight school located at North County Airport in Florida. While visiting CopaAir, I've seen vintage aircraft getting a complete rebuild (ground up), high performance aircraft having an engine rebuild, a DC-3 having it's fabric replaced and of course the training type aircraft having their annuals completed. I am happy to refer CopaAir to anyone who is in need of a very thorough, reasonably priced, honest and to top it off very friendly aviation repair facility. You can call Charles on the phone and he will offer a solution to your problem. CopaAir welcomes owner-assisted annuals and is readily available to jump in when called upon. Again, top notch. Thumbs up for CopaAir"